Dear Lawd Gawd,

I know you are listening to my ‘thoughts!’ Recently, I was ranting about needing to wind down and specifically thought that maybe I could have more time reading stuff.

Lo and behold, I do have some time! And coincidentally, it’s no more than five minutes, while the rest of my time is taken by care giving to these two elderly humanz and parakeet burdz!

I was hoping my new $400 purchase of Kindle Oasis would be the answer to reading stuff. It was and I thank you! My first FREE BOOK (courtesy of the Unlimited Kindle) was ‘The Samoan Pyramid’ by Maya Lynch. I finishe in a few hours past 0130 AM.

Yup. Isn’t that a coincidence, too? I’ve highlighted two passages and the following day Alex Jones mentioned Samoa or something like that. I figured my thought are TOO loud and y’all are picking those up stray or random thoughts and thusly so are creating your alternate reality/dimension.

Which brings me to my next point. I do need to learn to reset my thoughts so that y’all won’t suffer the wrath of the Lawd Gawd too much. Sure, it’s only invisible to most minions but for some reason, it’s real enough for me.

Anyway, tomorrow moreing I’m calling for more information about In-Home Social Services. I can’t seem to find work. And I worry about the safety of my parents. After complaing to Amy V last Thursday and upon Joy U overhearing my complaint, I’ll have to do the leg work.

I know we won’t qualify because we’re in the ‘middle class’. And so, I can’t bring myself to beg, err, go through the damn hoops, just to find out if I really need some stash, which would really help so I can buy stuff.

Yeah, and I still need to help my parents celebrate their 50th Golden Anniversary. I do NOT do that stuff. I’ll need to hire someone capable of making two hours count at least for one day. Sheesh. What a waste of frou-frou fantasy. If only y’all know that heaven is totally unimaginable, all these humanzied versions of happiness is NOT bar none.

Oh, and the main reason for this blog is back to the stupid connectivity to our home Wifi via my HP Envy laptop, which is connected to the 40″ Toshiba DUMB television. For some reason and during the post-dinner hours, we can’t view YouTube videos this way.

Amazingly, the YouTube works on my new iPad A1822 (2017) with Wifi only! I’m wondering why this little 9.7″ device works far better than a 40″ relic! I’m thinking of getting the 12.9″ tablet or something that’s portable for my sheetmusic.

And the closest to buttery-smooth and lightning-speed results would be an Apple product. But without the extra assurance of some sort of other income, I’m pretty much punishing myself for lack of stuff. So hopefully, I’ll be somewhat happy with whatever seems to work.


Evil Kitty

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