Watch “What Really Happened At Mandalay Bay? Las Vegas Shooter Was Totally Protected” on YouTube 20171005-1934. Yup, AJ is correct - laudering money. Follow the money, duh! Oh and what bugs me is how such places is supposed to helped  the poor. Sure the workers get their earnings. But the concept of hotel 'sins' is not good.


1. Do you agree it’s time to reform the tax code to a fair system that benefits the middle-class and hardworking Americans rather than the wealthy and special interests? Strongly Agree Agree Disagree No Opinion Other, please specify: Hell, yeah! I'm supposed to be in the lower 'middle-class'. But since y'all refuse to process the … Continue reading 20171005-1121-Stuff

20171004-0912-Stuff Good, good! Feel the death as Biblical proportions dictated eons ago. But don't touch one-third of each critters, I think. What y'all can do is hire cat catchers and then I guess ship them to starving countries or other places of worship like the deserts of Egypt for the Goddess Bastet. Y'all need to … Continue reading 20171004-0912-Stuff