Watch “How The Media Fakes The News” on YouTube

20171008-2208. Well said Brother Nathaniel! Earlier I was reviewing our Secured Properly Tax Bill and saw the details to both the tax payable and special assessment, which included vector control, of which one of two is for mosquitoes while the second is probably for CHEMTRAILS, sans sarin gas, of course! 

With that said, my other thought was from my OLD blog entry in which I may have referenced a YouTube video showing an armored tank manned by the Syria military and being pierced by a missle that’s probably WELL-tipped with a radioactive material, courtesy of RUSSIA!

So I’m NOT pleased with how Trump is being used to color the situation with Syria and the Assad regime. I do NOT approve with their ‘real news’, which is REALLY ‘FAKE NEWS’!

These spawns of Satan are rewriting history by killing history and remnants of dinosaurs, too. I can see ancient bloggers messing up history along the way throu my discernment, of course. 

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