Watch “🚨 YouTube Censored Me AGAIN 🚨 – Deleted My Video – And You Won’t Believe Which One!” on YouTube 20171009-2043. Have y'all thought what might happened if y'all plugged up a volcano or an exhaust pipe? Kaboom! That's why the First Amended Rights allow for hybrid humanized reptilianz their publicized outlet of frustration via porno and gratuitous violence of circumcised knifing. Hilarious! 


Behold! I've clocked in 6.45 hours today instead of the normal 8.00 hours due to the profane goof by the division director who sent me to the old building which was unoccupied though the lights were opened. I arrived at the old building around 0550, ready to start work at 0600. Twice, I knocked on … Continue reading 20171009-1613-Stuff