Behold! I’ve clocked in 6.45 hours today instead of the normal 8.00 hours due to the profane goof by the division director who sent me to the old building which was unoccupied though the lights were opened.

I arrived at the old building around 0550, ready to start work at 0600. Twice, I knocked on the obviously vacated building and left a voice-mail message with the division director, who returned my call around 0705.

After leaving the voice-mail, I called Dad who told me to go home. I left around 0605. I got undressed and napped until 0700 when Mom told me to feed her breakfast due to feeling weak. She was in pain the whole night and couldn’t sleep.

I told the guy that I’d show up for work at 0800, but arrived 0745. The ride from home was under ten minutes, ideal for us care givers to these stubborn elderly folk!

Jeannie H greeted me. She reminds me of Peggy Bundy of the American sit-com televised show ‘Married With Children’ from the hair to the high heels and holes in the off-shoulder outfit. I’ll be working with Eric S in purchasing and receiving. He’s younger. Brouhaha. 

It sounds like he wants to hire me full time. Peggy said ‘Oy, Vey’ after she inquired if I knew how to enter union dues which I didn’t know. I wanted strictly data entry and then some light stuff. But he was impressed that I knew how to navigate the LIVE – HVAC stuff.

I’m getting foggy brained lately and slow witted. After my temp job from he’ll, I managed to get Mom to her cardiac rehab program by 1645. Both Dad and Mom seemed slower today and in pain, Dad silently, Mom verbally to the attending nurse.

Anyway, below are the attached images of their amenities from Chicagoland of course. Mom said I’m lucky but I am hoping to last for awhile. I know it’s a boring job. And I need to replenish my stash of $4,000 so I can buy stuff.

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