Well I’m early to work and sitting in my car blogging. Like yesterday, I’ll text the client to let me into the building because I don’t have an access badge outside of normal business hours. I like being early to avoid traffic and had no way of knowing if I was close to work or not. I can get here in under ten minutes.

Sadly the idiots want to trash their new software and I’m probably left without a job until further notice. I get Thursday and Friday off. So I called my recruiter after work if I’m still needed despite the trash. He won’t know until the client tells him or vice versa.

The interesting thing happened yesterday. Mom call around 1300 and reported to me that she was feeling dizzy this morning, barely made the ECG appointment after one hour and fifteen minutes on the road with Dad’s driving, and told me to call her cardiologist, who will call us back for Friday’s appointment. 

Dad and I bought Mom a new Omrong blood pressure monitor the 10 series BP786N model because we thought either the batteries or the monitor died. We used the CVS 25 percent off coupon.

I also bought two new fall Starbucks Coffee with my email coupon. She didn’t like the sweet taste.

It’s time to go to work but I don’t care and rather stay home and sleep late because of my parents. 

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