To TPTB and pals,

Greetings and Salutations! It’s with sad yet GREAT news that the buck teeth jerk, err, my imaginary chocolate bunny, err, the choir director has passed away, err, will no longer lead our pathetic rag tag fleet of old farts, who can’t really read or follow music.

I came late a few minutes after 2000 and saw the pastor and him talking outside. I made eye contact and later shook hands with the priest and went indoors to join only a total of one dozen.

The priest had a downward smile as he explained the situation. But since I wasn’t wearing my hearing aides, I missed most of the shit. Plus, I was busy emailing three sheet musics to Amy V for her personal use only. It’s a good thing that I have an Unlimited Plan for cellular service. But I noticed she too is playing games.

I could barely hear what the jerk said as I sensed a slight sadness in the situation and I could barely see the red sniffling look on his nose. He might have said that he wanted that Saint Justin gig after the choir conductor left and that the others really wanted him and insisted to join them. Mom and others knew he wasn’t happy here, but was forced by his mommy dearest through Father Michael the soldier and engineer.

Anyway, the priest said that they cannot afford to keep a full time choir conductor and had requested if anyone wanted the open position for free. So far no one wants it.

An old sacrosanct mentioned to my parents and I long ago that the jerk just wanted the money. Whereas a true ‘leader’ or teacher doesn’t accept payment. The old leader who passed away was so dedicated that he lead or organized the readings and appropriate musics.

So in this blog, I’ll put out my request for a dedicated volunteer to join and conduct our small choir. In this way, y’all can ensure my safety in this public setting and shoot any offender who hurts me, after Alex Jones of Infowars.com keeps scaring Mom about attacks in churches.

During the transition, Kathy S has requested the elder and original leader to assume her rightful place on the conductor stand. I look forward to meeting a real master or jack of all trades.



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