To TBTP and pals,

For three days and from Monday through Wednesday, I thought I got a nice temporary job from hell in a construction place of business. The location was within ten minutes!

Well, Mom got sick and missed me. And by sheer luck, the client had to reorganize her company but needed to wait for her boss to return from next week’s vacation up in Wyoming. I noticed that in my previous temp gig that was going through a transition between two systems, the client had their bosses go outta town.

In my incoming thought, I imagined this technique was to allow the hired consultants and the contact managers to do their jobs and to be as transparent as possible and without the need for the bosses to decide the fate of these transitions. I guess that’s how the bosses determine who can handle stress and pressure and how to identify goofs along the way.

Yeah, so I still have to review my notes from the other construction gig – Unconditional Release and Conditional Release and other liens. But I’m NOT gonna miss working a full-time job. I told Amy V yesterday that I tried to explore on my own and that the Lord wanted me to stay put, meaning that I wasn’t going anywhere and will show up for Sunday choir masses as usual, with or without the choir conductor.

The reason for this blog is that the construction folks have a severe sense of potty mouths! I told one co-worker that I have a potty mouth and their form of reptilian communication does NOT bother me at all. It’s good to have a bit of humor.

With that said, Mister POTUS Trump came from a construction background. So the liberal progressives do NOT understand the humor of potty mouths while on the job. And I guess the guy took his expertise in these jokes into his presidency. This was my main incoming thought for this blog – construction industry, potty mouths, and Trump presidency. Yup.

But the place is small and slow for some reason. I was able to finish entering new purchase orders for the accounts payable to process and Jeannie’s stack of timecard for the week of 10/02 – 10/08 within hours.

She said that she’ll keep me in mind and sent me off. I told my parents that it means they won’t need me. But they don’t operate that way until the notice is formal. I better fill out my timecard by the end of today Friday. Those three days will help to fund the $300 that I sent to my VERY smart cousing down under ‘Melbourne’.



P.S. My full-time job is officially at home because Mom peed in her pants after the doctor’s appointment. She had a difficult time pulling down her pants at the public restroom and well, now I have to do laundry and iron two week’s worth of load. Brouhaha! It’s better than a data entry position.

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