Dear diary,

Will TBTP and pals keep or trash Obamacare?

On 10/3 – 10/4, I had a Level 3 sleep study at home. I had two stretched bands around my upper chest and lower abdomen. I had an oxygen sensor hooked on either my index or ring finger. The three gadgets were attached to leads of a monitor placed on my chest.

I took two Benadryl capsules to help with my ‘allergies’ prior to bedtime. As a result, I slept exclusively supine or on my back.

On 10/12, I was blessed to have an appointment that would have taken two months the get! The nurse practitioner, an elderly Chinese woman, told me that I have ‘mild OSA’. OSA means obstructive sleep.
She said I had lots of apneas, some hypopneas, of which I went low to 72% oxygen saturation, and one episode in which something happened. As a result, I get a CPAP machine.

I do hope my foggy brained forgetfulness will go away, and my sleepiness behind the wheel won’t lead to the revocation of my driver’s license! Gasp! And I’m designated driver to my elderly parents. 

I think that’s how most people died – in their sleep. The NP said lots of people have my typical reading. Also the results of my portable sleep thingy said that lots of snoring throughout the all-nighter was observed. Sheesh!



One thought on “20171023-2321-Stuff

  1. No Obamaination care for me. I’d rather pay out of my own pocket and know that I’m getting quality care for the chiropractors (ABC), AtlasPro, etc…

    I do need another balloon shoved up my nose and inflated (NCR), because one side is slightly stopped up, as in temporal bone needs to move too, to stop this aggravating TMJ stuff.

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