It’s been 18 minutes of waiting and sweating on the fifth floor for my follow-up appointment with the sleep nurse practitioner. 

20171026-0843. Fast forward, the staff called me in as soon as I opened the above paragraph. Anyway, this morning I awoke at 0600 am and found my new CPAP mask atop my mask! I thought I missed the four daily minimum and quickly applied the therapy.

I awoke off and on around 0730 due to the leakage around the sides of my mouth. The air leakage always occurs above my small nose bridge break. I kept adjusting it until Mom spoke.

I reapplied the therapy and decided at 0813 am that I’ve had enough. Lo and behold! The unit displayed: Congratulations! You’ve added another successful night. Or something like that.

That was my second night. I removed it earlier after retiring to bed due to feeling congested and CLAUSTROPHOBIC! I didn’t realize that I already logged in a few hours.

Though the ramp up is thirty minutes, the air leakage and heavy weight of the FULL FACE mask would distract my initial sleep. I cannot do my ‘night reading’ because the mask blocks the view.

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