1. How would you rate President Trump’s job performance so far?

Other: He is great because he said so before, during and after his campaign: MAGA. He is good at entertaining us with triggers that help to harvest out the societal weeds known as liberals and progressives. He is okay in my books as long as I don’t have to pay taxes into businesses that pursue immoral and unethical practices, such as pedophilia, abortions, and other ritualize murders and such.

2. (Optional) Please explain why you selected your response. Mister POTUS Trump is great, good, okay and other surprises that makes ‘fake news’ and their pals mess up.


One thought on “20171026-1435-Stuff

  1. 20171216-1423. At 1306 PM today, I received another poll. So I’ll say: Great, only if I get this gig up north. The headhunter called me Friday and said that the guy wanted to bring me on board. Yeah, right. I told him two other headhunters from the Santa Clara territory and Fremont territory called me and he quickly filled in my thoughts with – but they haven’t called back. Good, only if I get to keep my MediCal and do NOT have to pay federal income taxes. Okay, only because I’ve nothing to complain except getting fat. Other, because if you really tried to dispatch those water tankers to douse the SoCal fires in time, I would believe in MAGA. But since y’all are witches, I’m NOT happy.


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