https://gizmodo.com/unconscious-patient-with-do-not-resuscitate-tattoo-caus-1820881602 See? Y'all wished to play God! And if y'all have been reading my OLD blog entries, y'all will have to agree with the eugenics, err, 80% of doctors who prefer the DNR. However, since he won't become a veggie and due to the nature of the incident being easy to come out of unconsciousness, … Continue reading 20171130-1421-Stuff


http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/30/politics/trump-anti-muslim-tweets-warning/index.html Who TF cares? I think all of us are worshipping Satanists and we don't entirely know how or why we even have religious organizations. I'm surprised y'all don't come out more and share what your ancestors once we're and the traditions expressed in practices, such as Buddhism, and most especially Catholicism and their rituals … Continue reading 20171130-1411-Stuff

Our Spiritual World: Step back and see things correctly

http://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2017/11/step-back-and-see-things-correctly.html?m=1 20171129-1103. Yes, and actually step into another's shoes and experience their characteristics, and understand their expectations, too. Not unless they are clones, reptilianz - whereby iron and clay shall not and could never mix deal.


Dear diary, Yesterday we were caught in the rain and made our way to THD, where we encountered an old Asian guy who shared with us how billionaires make money with a n uptick of a few cents in stocks. He's an insistent little creep. We bought two light bulbs worth over $14 each. We … Continue reading 20171127-2048-Stuff