1. Which of the following do you believe the Senate should pass by the end of the year? Select all that apply.

Funding for the WALL —> Need Jobs. Need wall. Need commemorative brink as proof of our donation against unfair trade practices.

Tax Reform —> Improve purchasing power.

Tax Cuts —> No new tax, remember? Cut taxes, period.

Pass bill to end funding for Sanctuary Cities and States —> Why don’t y’all pass bill to start funding Sanctuary farmlands for abused, neglected, and displaced animals.

Obamacare REPEAL —> Why did y’all pass it in the first place, huh? And now y’all are gonna try to Repeal and Replace this piece of shit? Maybe, that’s what y’all really wanted and now y’all are pretending to fix it. Liars.

Eliminate tax credits for illegal immigrants —> WTF are y’all talking about? Just ship them all back across the borders to Mexico, China, Malaysia, Middle East, or wherever TF they came from. How can you tax those without identification? Weird.

Pass infrastructure bill —> Hmmm. That’s nice but it’s temporary. In the beginning of this year, my neighborHOOD has been blessed with new asphalt. But the roads are still bumpy and the public transportation system still seems empty.

More confirmations of the President’s federal judicial nominees —> Idiots! Just change the term limits from lifetime service to a cycle of seven years, for example. WTF are y’all trying to fool? Sheesh!

The pro-American immigration reform — RAISE Act —> What is this? Pro-what? RAISE what? Y’all need to raise the war against illegal ALIENS, including the crazy and stupid humanz. I’d hate to sound like a ‘eugenics’ but this is getting ridiculous. Humanz may be imperfect but some are just burdens.

2. Please specify something else you want passed by the Senate before the year ends. (Optional) —> Pass more gas and tax yourselves! This has been a pretend service announcement (PSA) from and by Evil Kitty and her enslaved human, Flynn B. Hiss.


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