As part of the ongoing effort to ‘tell the truth’, my incoming thought for the past few weeks have been to the effect of those sharing stuff that are taboo, such as affiliations with children, stealing stash to make common man subservient, and lots of pro-heavenward dissolutions of the human forms. And judgement is only done through common law, if any left, while most bloggers opine.

Anyway, if for example Kevin Spacey, the creepy actor, who recently admitted something to that effect of sexual harassment or rather claiming to be one of the ‘good guys’, then maybe he’s telling the truth. But Alex Jones of Infowars.com says that the guy exudes psychopathic tendancies. (I don’t understand why the WordPress app for Mac doesn’t have a working spell checker.)

Yeah, so I’m thinking that these robots, like the Zuck, want humanity dead, despite his past ‘apology’ of whatever. Maybe humanity is already doomed and no whatever what happens or how hard humanz try to fight back, it’s already determined for extinction.

And if the artificial intelligence is gonna replace humanity and its imperfection as designed, then I don’t know what’s stopping them for achieving this world domination. I’m wondering and per my OLD blog entries, if everything is just a projection by Satan, who is stuck all by himself in this alternate reality/dimension.

And all others are just manifestations of himself forever, though no matter how much he tries to escape that hellish ‘reality’, he knows he can’t get out. There are no ‘others’, but just himself – forever acting hatred, anger, bitterness, envy, jealous, and other perversion to re-define as a reminder what got him stuck in hell forever in the first place.

Yeah. Yup.

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