Once again, I guess these mammalian or reptilian species tend towards sexual stuff as part of its procreation ‘rights’.

But for the rest of y’all, if you had a master, a leader, heck, if you met your Lawd Gawd, would y’all dare offense such entity? I think NOT!

But even the impulsive thoughts can and will be entered into you individualized Book of Life! That’s right! You are your own actor! In this series, you get to make a fool of yourself. And others get to join in and mock your infallible nature.

Yes. Y’all are messed up. But the greatest challenge is to reveal yourselves in public and let others judge you arshly, knowing they too have stones to throw on or about each and every offender.

So I expect public personalities to ‘humble’ themselves to these past offenses and be forgiven and move forward. But do NOT apologize if you know damn well you did NOT fault.

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