Dear chumps,

Listen! I have horror stories but these do NOT involve celebrities or any public figures. My writing gets confusing as I correlate and associate other stories with mine. So with that said, my conversations with the jerks are recorded on old files now located in the clouds meant for the Lawd Gawd.

As Alex Jones of Infowars.com said many times, it’s NOT just a war for your minds but ALSO a spiritual war for your soul, a grave and dear price to pay in offense of your creators. Any stuff y’all reveal doesn’t mean an admission of guilt, but that humanity as a whole is an imperfect and yes gullible species.

All I know is that agents have taken my photos and dated me, that stuff that materialize or manifest do occur. Oh wait! I should draw my encounters with DEMONS, also known as advanced aliens, with my Apple Pencil. That’s it!

I’m inspired again as the thought has revived my interest in blogging. Toodles! 


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