1. Do you approve of the job being done by President Trump and [t]his Administration?

Yes – Because his speeches are positive and VERY professionally presented.

But I really do NOT ‘see’ how his job affects my stuff. I’m still under and unemployed and living with my elderly parents as a caregiver of all sorts. As a result, I’m NOT living the Americanized dream.

I tried many slong years ago to be wealthy but the Lawd Gawd had other plans for my sorry ass and hairy butthole. The FBI said they couldn’t help.

And the CIA still allows Respondent to live directly adjacent to us and to run around my neighborhood with a smartphone and working vehicle! How is that she is able to living in my expensive neighborhood without a full-time job, huh? Freaking progressive, liberals!

No – Because if he really wanted to drain the swap, he should get rid of those humanz, namely Hillary, Barack, and other pedo-Steins as revealed by various bloggers. But, no! Y’all are just playing with the humanz into thinking everything is okie-dokie, honkey-dorey, and stuff.

And that whatever y’all doing behind the scenes will NEVER become transparent for public scrutiny as dictated by the FOIA! Is that it? No! I got more disapprovals but I cannot think fast enough.

2. Are there any other thoughts you’d like to share with the Administration? Yeah, can y’all please remove our phone numbers from any and all of your calling lists? The RNC won’t stop harassing, err, bugging the shit outta me. I already changed parties to NPP via a Voter’s Registration card sent by the DMV along with my CDL renewal stuff, which I paid and received.

Furthermore, why can’t y’all do something about the DoNotCall.gov and enforce the complaints therein? Huh? Y’all can create jobs to crack down on these robot callers, potential spammers, potential fraudsters, and other wrong number callers! I can’t keep blocking unknown, unrecognized, private, and otherwise unavailable calls!

What’s that? That’s NOT part of your campaign promise to MAGA? Oh, I see! It’s a NON-issue and NOT part of your globalist agenda and it’s only a civil matter meant for local oridances and such. Is that it?


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