1. How would you rate President Trump’s job in office so far?

Tremendous – He is still fulfilling his duties as a globalist. I don’t know why.
Good – Today, my headhunter called. I have a job interview up north on Friday at 1330 PM. It’s supposed to be temp to hire. Whatever. I need some sort of ‘income’ so I could open up a credit card for paying bills instead of using my debit card.
Okay – I’m still under and unemployed, and basically held hostage, err, perpetually stuck, err, giving utmost care to my elderly parents.
Poor – I’m still under performing in my expectations of living and existing while stuck on this hellish planet.

2. (Optional) Do you have any feedback to add? Do y’all known when and if the end of the world will occur, when and if Jesus Christ is coming, and when y’all will stop playing your eleborate games among billionaires? That’s what I’d like to know and how y’all come so far in life and continue living with yourselves among humanz. Basically, what is your REAL job with this planet?


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