Dear diary,

I’m awake.

20171124-1104. Fast forward, Rufus the second, a failed replacement to the parakeet that flew away was diagnosed with AGY, or Avian Gastric Yeast, which is contagious via the fecal matter. So for seven days, I’ve been administering penicillin drops of thick honey mustard consistency. That day’s 1030 am appointment cost over $180. I canceled this Friday’s follow up appointment at two with the only bird doctor in the SF Bay Area, I think. I will administer the last drops tonight and probably release the bird with Alpo the dark blue and Mel the Lutino.

Dear diary,

20171124-1056. Dad and I are walking around the park while Mom works out on her recumbent bicycling equipment and next to a guy with a service dog named Tuxedo, who sports a salt and pepper coat. It’s a French poodle tall.

Anyway, regarding diversity, Das Squirrel couldn’t defend himself against the Twit Wifey who cannot and will not understand the Filipino culture. So that’s another soft tyranny against AMERICANS who don’t understand that the multicultural agenda simply won’t work.

Mom unloaded on the Twit Wifey who was flustered. Mom refused to let her get away with her bad behavior. She still hasn’t taken her husband’s last name due to paper work process. Oh, boy, he’s among the stupid Filipino guys born and raised American style and he had to pickup a refugee. I think most guys, especially whitish guys are stupid into believing other cultures are simply ‘nice’.

Yeah so the weather is good, warm, and sunny. I have to pee soon. Thirty minutes is allowed per machine. But the guest can stay if not crowded or if no one is waiting in line. But they can get up and move to a different equipment for another thirty minute.

With regards to the neighbor, she has parked her maroon Dodge Caravan outside and under a newly erected white tent over the driveway since last week and in between the white Honda CRV to the left and the black Honda Accord to the right. We saw a beige sedan parked inside her garage for awhile. We believe she is housing yet another illegal alien. We believe she makes money off the TNT (a Filipino word for Tago ng Tago or hiding and hidden). She did that with her second husband, who filed a DVRO just 18 months earlier prior to filing our EARO against her this year.


FLYNN 20171124-1118.

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