One thought on “Watch “LIVE STREAM:🔴🔴🔴 Sen. Al Franken Press Conference 11/27/17” on YouTube

  1. 20171127-1937. Evil Kitty: Shut up, Flynn! He’s a comedian and for him, his actions seemed funny. But for those who are easily offended at male attraction, they’re freaks. He said sorry, felt ashamed and embarrassed, and I guess that matters more than hurt feelings. He is intelligent, nay a genius, and did communicate normal datasets of expectations to move forward and to gain trusts.

    Flynn: Hiss to your Goddess Bastet! You are wise, Evil Kitty. We must be aware of female allegations to attack the male species. We shall observe further on other mamillian and reptilian sets of behaviors. The hybrids are messing up though.


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