Western Digital Stock: Why It Fell Last Week

Western Digital Stock: Why It Fell Last Week https://search.app.goo.gl/U38E Shared from my Google feed 20171204-2222. Yeah, things seem to be 'cooling office' just a tad bit. Thanks. Once again, if y'all upset Das Squirrel and his bad temper, I get an earful of his complaints. I've enough of 'bad news' from and by the likes … Continue reading Western Digital Stock: Why It Fell Last Week


https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/12/feds-shut-down-allegedly-fraudulent-cryptocurrency-offering/ Back in those days, y'all refused a handful of pebbles, stones, trinkets, and whatnots in exchange for other unwanted stuff. Instead, y'all stole what wasn't yours alone. As dictated by the Law of Return, y'all will pay forthwith the lost stuff. I'm not saying how but it's deep enough.

Watch “The Rush Limbaugh Show Video 12/4/17 | Here’s how the House and Senate tax bills compare” on YouTube

https://youtu.be/wHlaJvWfj1M 20171204-2135. Okay, based on my old nagging thoughts earlier this morning, I had incoming thoughts at the 47 minute mark while trying to rename my scanned copies of hymnal music to today's new Ignatius Pew Missal 2018. Okay, stuff won't be done without instructions from others VIA connections and THROUGH orders. That's what 'Flynn' … Continue reading Watch “The Rush Limbaugh Show Video 12/4/17 | Here’s how the House and Senate tax bills compare” on YouTube


https://www.politico.com/states/florida/story/2017/12/04/corrine-brown-sentenced-to-five-years-in-federal-prison-132164 I don't understand how investors should lose monies, despite the rules and regulations set in place. I thought the mechanism for complete transparency would NOT fail to protect those with good intentions. That's why any and all charity, even religious ones, can be scammers. What would happen if all transactions were cashless? Can y'all … Continue reading 20171204-1418-Stuff


http://www.businessinsider.com/cybersecurity-watchdog-shut-down-15-million-cryptocurrency-scam-2017-12 Well, idiots, y'all need to regulate this area of business. Anyone could use their invisible electronic pencil eraser and move that decimal point without disclosure to investor. I'm surprised y'all couldn't nab those who don't use bitcoins, though wired funds should also be tracked and monitored. Just sayin'.