Dear diary, Once again, I'm blogging with my iPad Pro 12.0 (A1671) into my MacBook Air via the HDMI display adapter into my LG wide-screen monitor. I just recalled what I wanted to blog - it's about not having children. Well, do y'all remember the blog in which I was walking around in the dark? … Continue reading 20171205-2211-Stuff


Dear diary, I love Apple products! It's super fast and sweet. What happened to Flynn? Well, the evil AT&T U-verse has not been working for awhile. We've discovered that: "U-verse is NOT available at this time. Please try again later. Restart Receiver.' And I've been joking to Mom that AT&T got mad at us because … Continue reading 20171205-2146-Stuff


Dear diary, I'm still surrounded by crazy and stupid humans. I've been delaying the posting of my nagging and incoming thoughts due to being busy and lazy. Anyway, there's a red headed woman with straight short hair and eyeglassed. I think she's the boss at the DeCA that we've been shopping for grocery over forty … Continue reading 20171205-1744-Stuff


https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/supreme-court-asked-if-wedding-cake-bakers-case-protects-religious-freedom-or-illegal-discrimination/2017/12/05/c73e6efa-d969-11e7-a841-2066faf731ef_story.html Well, without reading into the article, his business reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Now if y'all rule against a cake artist and designer, I'll laugh and send forthwith my report to the Lawd Gawd of your vile spite against the freedom to religious beliefs. In the following Benediction of Catholic prayers, … Continue reading 20171205-1720-Stuff