Well, without reading into the article, his business reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Now if y’all rule against a cake artist and designer, I’ll laugh and send forthwith my report to the Lawd Gawd of your vile spite against the freedom to religious beliefs.

In the following Benediction of Catholic prayers, y’all will see how creative one can be with word, only his business is cake making and decor. Now don’t tell me you can’t say, No!

Blessed be – God

Blessed be – his Holy Name

Blessed be – Jesus (Christ) true God and true man

Blessed be – the Holy Spirit, the Parakeet! (I blogged about this topic.)

See? I see familiar sayings, san kitty cats, of another religious belief system. Offend us no more with your frivolous lawsuits! Let him be!

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