Dear diary,

I’m still surrounded by crazy and stupid humans. I’ve been delaying the posting of my nagging and incoming thoughts due to being busy and lazy.

Anyway, there’s a red headed woman with straight short hair and eyeglassed. I think she’s the boss at the DeCA that we’ve been shopping for grocery over forty years!

Long ago, she helped me with an inventory and seemed normal. Then recently her demeanor changed. She doesn’t seem to smile.

One day, I got stuck scanning a grocery item and she got rather snappy and loud at me and a few minutes later she did the same at an elderly Japanese lady! I think her approach isn’t cool or calm by forceful and Stern like we’re idiots and don’t know what we’re doing.

Since then, she wouldn’t look me in the eyes where Dad and I normally check out the 15 or 40 and under items for self-service. Someone like her is always there in case the customers need freaking help scanning or price checks.

That one incident occurred before June the black lady who complained loudly to Mom in her face many times and before the CCTV cameras were installed.

Yup, that happened inside the military base. And y’all thought I’m making up stories.


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