Dear diary,

I love Apple products! It’s super fast and sweet. What happened to Flynn?

Well, the evil AT&T U-verse has not been working for awhile. We’ve discovered that: “U-verse is NOT available at this time. Please try again later. Restart Receiver.’ And I’ve been joking to Mom that AT&T got mad at us because we’ve been watching YouTube via our Sharp Roku TV and via our Toshiba TV with a Roku Stick (2016).

So this morning I used the AT&T app for Android via my cellphone (with unlimited Sprint data plan) and navigated to the AT&T troubleshoot and resolve link, which was buried deep somewhere within. I provided my feedback/survey to AT&T regarding this level of depth, which slows down the troubleshooting and resolving of downtime. I’ve been filling out surveys to assist the chumps in customer improvements.

The technician called and later a generic text message was sent to my cellphone to which I replied KEEP, meaning keep the damn appointment between 1400 to 1600 today even though the sun is setting and it’s getting too dim for AT&T to work in the dark.

We saw that two techs were working on an underground section near the garage of the neighbor directly across from Respondent who is STILL living directly adjact to us. Mom is praying really hard to Padre Pio. I keep ranting to God.

After attending tonight’s advent reflection, after eating dinner, and after email our former pastor Father Noel, I discovered that I can continue to blog with my wide screen LG monitor via my MacBook Air, which is tetheered to my paid cellular data via my iPad Pro 12.9 (A1671)!

My Blueberry KeyOne cellphone is also tethered to my iPad but it’s NOT necessary since both are paid data plans. But I cannot tell if it tethers both ways for just one way.

I suggested to my parents that we should get rid of AT&T altogether, or at least downgrade to a U-verse 100 for local channels instead of keeping the 200 version, which included fake news, such as MSNBC, FoxNew, CNN, and other mainstream ad nauseum news media.

Now that I can blog without the AT&T Wi-Fi! Sheesh!



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