Dear diary,

Once again, I’m blogging with my iPad Pro 12.0 (A1671) into my MacBook Air via the HDMI display adapter into my LG wide-screen monitor. I just recalled what I wanted to blog – it’s about not having children.

Well, do y’all remember the blog in which I was walking around in the dark? Well, there were still humanz walking. There were children playing on their little bicycles.

As I was making my way back, two little children were coming from behind me. The older of the two boys went ahead of me easily. But the little one crashed and burned behind me. I should learn to stop in my path to let them pedel through and in front of me.

But since it was dark and since my hearing aide, though useful, worked, my brain has long suffered the connectivity between my environment and what new sounds are coming into my earhole. I paused and shuffled my feet a little bit to signal to the little one to watch out.

Yeah, that’s what I meant by my energy signature – it’s hurtful and destructive. I don’t always know how to stop or control that latent stuff. Maybe, something or someone will trigger it to just initialize. In another story, this was before making a $30 payment yesterday around 0847 AM for tomorrow’s Senior Luncheon up north.

And so I parked and walked and rand the rectory doorbell upon which an Asian parishioner or staff member answered and invited me to the daily staff prayer. I saw Sister Sara leading the prayer that is so freaking liberal progressive. Alice T was standing to my left and at the base the stairs.

The prayer went something along the line of NOT judging those who are ‘different’ as far as looks, clothing, action, speech, and all that crap that his particular parish tolerated. You know what? That’s why the world is screwed up. Instead of stopping bad behavior, these numbskulls tolerate evil.

That’s what I see happening. That’s what I experienced. Shall I continue recording my horrible experiences? I’m getting fired up again. Yup. My blog is alive again.



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