Dear diary,

Since last night the tall whitish bearded guy from AT&T ensured that our U-verse was up and running. I received a call from the Asian guy who wanted to know if someone was home but I was in the middle of taking the call from my job headhunter. This was after walking around the park with Dad while waiting for Mom to finish her rehab at The Y, of which its logo looks like a Satanic hand salute. Sigh.

Anyway, I’ve finished showering. Mom is cooking and I’m supposed to be ‘helping’ her though she hasn’t hollered for me to be present. Prio to showering I’ve used the electric blower, first in the backyard and took care of the leaves, then the front of the house, particularly the caged vent of the laudry dryer, then the side alley way adjacent to Respondent, and then the inside of our garage.

Dad is tidying up the front after I instructed him to mow in grass in the backyard. So yeah, I’ve sustained a clogged left nose since yesterday and during the luncheon with Seniors. The event has no agenda and the small group is mostly whitish, Latino, and the few Filipinos.

Tess the 84 year old joined us. Poi ignored us because of her hurt feelings towards Mom’s rebuke upon her. Fe had a new brownish hair dye and shorter cut. Tess said Mom looked better. We couldn’t get the address of Teresa and Vince. Father Allen left early and Father Mark looked worn down. He hung around Joy and another event planner.

So a couple of days ago, there was high winds, which was strong enough to knock out the white tent covering the parked cars over the driveway of Respondent. The two kids and a renter helped to remove the tent cover, its poles, and the cemented posts. Mom knew the winds would destroy MY IDEA, a thought which I’m sure Respondent can connect, which would explain why ‘they’ let her loose without a warrant.



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