With with regards the resignation of Rep. Al Franken in the coming weeks, he chose well – his family over legalities and its expenses. Rep. Conyers must resign, too. This a good time to remove yourselves, since the forces behind the scenes are at play. At least, y’all allow the younger sets ‘try-out’ for the positions and learn along the way how things are really run by ‘them’.

Before I forget my earlier thoughts came through – that Lucifer, Satan, whoever, is supposed to be portrayed as the ‘light bearer’ as a reminder to God being in command. Those that try to reach God through the demands of Lucifer, Satan, whoever, are mistaken. My thought indicated that Lucifer, Satan, whoever, is a double-agent. My words fail me. In other words, choose to acknowledge God and refuse to go against the harsh demands of Lucifer, Satan, whoever. And thereby y’all can save your souls.

So the effort to ‘drain the swamp’ is in full force as mentioned in my first paragraph. Those ‘hired’ to allegedly accuse these or any representatives are placed in that position to ‘test’ the target. Those that refuse to resign seem to prefer their position of POWER and MONEY. Once again, the double-agent that is Lucifer, Satan, whoever, challenged God for the souls of humanz who forgot about their families over the presented temptations.

Okay, I better help the bio-unit known as my Mother. Sheesh. 20171207-1155.

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