My parents were en route northbound on I-880 when we saw that long whitish guy in dark blue jeans was being wheeled onto the gurney. He had dark brownish hair and he had his knees bent comfortably as he laid back. There was HUGE whitish SUV ahead of scene. There was normal darkish SUV somewhere in the middle of the scene. There were emergency and police vehicles. All this occurred on southbound I-880.

We were headed towards Coleman and wanted to get our MB E430, which being detailed since 0930 AM. We got The Connoisseur Works package. I got an incoming call which I didn’t answer because I didn’t know Jose H. Later I got a text message, which was around 1522 PM, which happened within a few minutes of passing the emergency scene.

The day was fluffy puffy clouds of against the crispy blue skies. So I don’t understand why anyone would try harm themselves on fine glorious, and post rainy morning. Yeah, and we got the car detailed. Yup.

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