1. How would you rate the job President Trump is doing for the American people?

GREAT – It’s GREAT, if y’all say so. But I still haven’t observed that $2,000.00 yet. When do I get it? Get it? No. Okay.
GOOD – It’s GOOD, if y’all managed to get the majority vote to pass this tax plan.
OKAY – It’s OKAY, if y’all think there’s no other way.
Other, please specify: Well, I’m aware that a tax plan as recently passed. But I don’t know the EXACT details. Can y’all please provide the line items and its description of whatever is included in this tax plan? Once again, I can’t give my honest opinion without some sort of dataset to review and approve. Duh!

2. Are there any other thoughts you’d like to share with the President? Yeah, I’d like to know how anyone can ‘officially’ approve anything and fill out a poll without sufficient facts. The way the information is filtered into my clogged earhole is through YouTube and Google News via my smartphone. And since my patience wears thin, I don’t have the interest to read past the news headlines. See? That’s how low my information goes. And those who don’t have access to luxury goods that involved any form of electronic media won’t care, especially if they only a handful of spare change.

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  1. To make American great again, these must happen…

    * Abolish and ban vaccines, and get rid of Big pHARMa period. Encourage herbs instead of synthetic drugs and prescriptions.
    * Force supplement companies to clean up their products.
    * Stop the killing of those holistic doctors.
    * Get rid of those vaccine pushing pediatricians. All of them. Most family doctors are okay.
    * Stop and ban the animal shelter business. Allowing safe birth control for pets is acceptable. So is spay and neuter. Make it very affordable for all pet owners.
    * Get rid of CPS. They destroy more families than they help.
    * Ban GMOs. Forget labeling because companies lie. Just an outright ban.
    * Put Monsatan out of business for good.
    * Stop Chemtrails for good.
    * Ban any and all kinds of nano technology.
    * Allow free energy, and I mean REAL free energy, & without charging people.
    * Stop fluoridating the water, and chlorine too. Ozone can purify water.
    * Stop taxation period. Taxes currently support the killing of innocents, as per black ops projects, vaccines, chemtrails, etc… and the bible’s commandment clearly says “thou shalt not murder”. This is why my husband stopped filing and paying many years ago. Innocents are being murdered everyday and tax dollars pays for it. The government needs to downsize anyway.
    * Military’s job is to protect our borders, instead of invading countries & killing innocents.
    * Free housing as per Jack McCaig’s Liberty Aid.
    * Free college, or at least very reasonable tuition.
    * Send all jihadi rapeugees back, no questions asked.
    * Make all land owners have orchards, fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, etc…
    * Rid of major corporations, mainly the ones which support planned obsolesce and make crappy products.
    * American made products only.
    * Bring back the spirit of excellence.
    * Decriminalize cannabis as it’s a cure for cancer. And allow other cancer cures to come forth.
    * Allow the tech that would enable us to regrow teeth. Stem cells from our own bodies.
    * Clean up both oceans. if they can think up evil technology, then they could easily come up with good technology to get it done.
    * Stop the bombing of other countries, and stop bringing those people.
    * Sterilize the witches and homos, so that they can never reproduce. That would stop the breeding of idiots. Or just lock them all up, as according to our favorite surfer, it’s mental illness.
    * Live free period. If humans never had to pay to live on Earth (the animals live here free), then people just might quit being angry and unpleasant.
    * And the government must stay out of our business period. The government is a CORPORATION as listed on Dun & Bradstreet, so we must decline any and all offers to contract. That includes signing birth certificates and marriage licenses, which turn the children over to the CORPORATE state. Record in the family bible which used to be the lawful way. We must own our own names instead of the government.
    * Get rid of police. Lawful sheriffs and deputies only. And other real peace officers.
    * Schools must teach real usable and life skills, as opposed to the BS mind control being taught now. This is why we’re in the mess we’re in.
    * Land must be owned by alloidial title only. Paid off land, homes ownership by deeds only means we pay land rent to the government, so no one truly owns their land. Alloidal only, as per Liberty Aid.

    There’s much more, but this is the gist of it. And I do realize that it’s too much to ask in the current insane world.


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