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  1. I saw the words The Garden of Eden. To get an idea of what that world could have looked like, watch the movie Avatar (2009). The storyline also talks about the greed of men, and destroying the land in that movie, which is another world. It’s mentioned in the film that Earth was killed and destroyed by the same greed. It also shows the ancient tall trees that Earth used to have.

    Plus I like the Na’vi, the tall blue cat people in the film. lol


  2. Yeah, among the humans in power in he movie for sure. And those humans brought that socialism to that place in the movie, and also wanted to plunder and kill that rich green land too. And the military wanted to also teach that same socialism to the natives in the movie. But the aboriginals aren’t having it.

    We have the DVD, but the online version has the full extended ones with the deleted scenes added. I downloaded from the site, but dunno if the download link will still work.

    I like the movie for the scenery and also when the natives are fighting back against the tyranny, which is something I wish people would do here for real.


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