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20171221-0823. OMG! That’s how I feel! I was already fired when the client failed to meet with me via Google hangouts at 1630 this Monday. This morning upon arising I wondered why she hasn’t let the recruiter know WTF is going on. He keeps telling me that he hasn’t heard anything from her. Tiffany the recruiter filled John the recruiter into what happened. Both made it sound like I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. Tiffany said that the client was waiting. John played dumb and inquired if the client contacted me but there was no response. Just so y’all know my contact information is with ‘them’ a group that I’ve encountered many slong years ago prior to team hockey pucks.

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  1. I see the same kind of idiocy in some of my nieces and great nieces. Some of the nephews too. Dumbed down and obvious vaccine damage. Last thing I want to do is to come back to idiot families and/or parents. I moved clear across the country to get away from them all. I bet the 2nd world countries teens are much more smarter and level headed. And regarding jobs, I have skills that would enable me to go solo (ABC, fascia blasting, massage cupping, arts, or DJ in a club, if need be). But for now, affiliate programs are doing well for us.


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