Our Spiritual World: How and when we came to be, ages before this or any life we are born into



Okay, without getting into too much detail, please ‘scan’ the previous photos. Yesterday, we met someone who speaks in tongues, of which she said, AAHBAH. Her pastor can prophecy over the phone. She prayed over me whilst I sent her ‘your’ image. She then prayed over Mom and was more careful in repeating what data she gathered earlier. She then prayed over Dad who was delivered. I also sent her ‘your’ image. My hearing, aches, and pains – financial and health – still haven’t improved. And the sun still a shines. What’s new?

Doubtful Thomas.

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  1. 20171222-0926. I just visited the blog site and saw ‘your’ image, which I thought wasn’t uploaded last night. From my experience, I wasn’t impressed but do know that she ‘hearse’ stuff, which makes me cautious around these reptilianz. I don’t think Dad was delivered. And my aches and pains are ever present. The other symptoms surrounding bio-unit mother won’t go away. So yup, nothing new under the sun.


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