Here are some sample drawings by a third grader during Friday’s lunch yesterday at a Filipino restaurant with her Chinese grandmother, who looks and speaks Filipino.

‘Dani’ is a straight ‘A’ student. She used our Pilot Precise V7 Premium Rolling Ball Stick Pen, Fine Point, with her dominent left hand/South paw to draw. She has lots of drawings, colorful pens and other supplies at home. We were able to secure two samples on napkins. I was able to take photos of the other two samples.

I noticed there are lots of younger sets of talents. Each generation seems to become more creative and beautiful, too. Or has that always been that way but not as well known while stuck on this hellish planet?

For example, the designer Chinese/Vienamese lady, who immigrated to Malaysia and then to America, has four children but only the son inherited her talent, which is featured in Vogue. (I saw a photo via her smartphone of the models on the runway with her dress designs). Her son works at a local bridal shop. He has a grandson who placed those two hard plastic toy sharks off to the left side of me the other day.

Anyway, I noticed the one-eyed symbolism in two of her drawings. One appears in the anime-like cartoon character. The other drawing shows a HUGE stylized eye of what appears to be an advanced ALIEN entity.

Once again, and I kid y’all NOT, that these are minor messages of a spiritual realm and I normally ignore it, being that they are supposed to be ‘fallen angels’ of all sorts. Yeah, so while there is art, stuff gets ruined by ‘them’. I do NOT know if this is intentional or just a really bad joke. Sheesh.

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