Dear Lawd Gawd,

Happy Post Xmass Celebration! Please kill me now. Once again, this time of the season is NOT worth the stress. I really do NOT enjoy putting up decors or gifting. I’m just forcing myself to comply to the wishes of the bio-unit mother who insists that I’m an ungrateful loser and an uncompassionate bitch. All I could do is reflect and pray that these prosecutions are meant to strengthen my spirits, for when the day comes that her noise disappears that I may find NOT just peace, but blessed relief.

The preparation, hustle, and bustle leading up to today’s finality has been just that – another bah-hum-bug sentiment of hurt feelings. Below are the stories.

Yesterday at around 1316 pm, Das Squirrel sent me a text message that his in-laws are coming for an Xmas dinner party and that if I have time to please bring his parents. But Mom insisted that we are NOT like that – dropping everything and hurrying ourselves over UNINVITED by his Twit Wifey, which should be the proper protocol, even by the standards by us low-key Filipinos. My inner thoughts wondered why he didn’t use the HOT line, our landline of old since moving here in 1976, to place a simple call, knowing that we would have refused.

At 1633 pm, I replied to his text message and invited him to come join us at tonight’s 1730 pm mass, since our choir is covering. He didn’t reply. We left for evening mass as usual and enjoyed ourselves. We gave Father Mark our envelop and informed him that we would drop off trays of food (pancit, Costco slabs of roast ribs, fried rice and tiramisu) at the front porch. I sent a text message to hime at around 2126 pm, informing him that we delivered the food late. This was late in the night becuase the damn slab of meat took a freaking long time to cook NOT even past medium rare, which when microwaved would be cooked and JUICY, too. He replied at 2237 for thanks and that he’ll eat it for lunch.

At 2027 pm, Das Squirrel called me, which was seldom. I could hear the typical loud laughing of the Twit Wifey and her Chinese siblings in the background of their home where the party was being held. After he inquired if there was midnight mass and after I told him there was a 1045 am mass the following morning, he wanted me to pick him up at home at 1015 am. I didn’t want to be the one to drive over and quickly suggested that he can come over and park in the empty driveway, since my car is still drying from a new coat of urethane paint and clear coat job at the shop. I then faltered and said whatever is easier for him and that I can still pick him up.

Then today seemed to go normally until I received another text message from Das Squirrel around 0955 am that he and his Twit Wifey will meet us at mass. I sent him another text message that we usually leave our home at around 1030 am due to the 0915 am crowd is still leavin the parking lots. Fast forward, we were about to cross from our parked car to the vestibule when he cross our path/almost ran us over with his black car, like a symbolic gesture of a black cat giving us bad luck. He waved and she waved while she held her smartphone. Mom didn’t know who they were and after I told her, that’s when the tone change – she wasn’t happy.

So the morning mass was over and we went home, followed by the boy, who eventually found himself outta of our the front door, just after the girl rang the doorbell with her container of sticky rice. Mom said aloud that the problem is the boy. Then I heard the girl raised her voice loudly that it’s their life, upon which Mom said that both of them are screwed up, which is true. Just ask anyone.

So I’m disappointed as I take the brunt of the ongoing criticism at the homefront since I live here and serve them for taking me in to their home – a homeless, jobless, childless, and unmarried loser. Mom said that I’m screwed up in the head, by the way. I’m finished ranting. But if y’all are really enjoying your life as a human while stuck on this hellish planet, Good Luck! In the end, Mom blessed me with an anointing oil from her friend, Julie S, who got bought the item while vacation in Jerusalem with her friend, Edna C. I got crossed on the forehead, throat, and hands. ‘In return’, I sent her ‘your’ image while tucking her into bed.

Then Mom sat back reported to me that she had to kick the boy outta the house because he is covering up an uncomfortable situation with his fears and her rudeness, despite Mom telling him that she complained to Ruby L, the second eldest sister of the Twit Wifey and why the girl is being rude to us. I told Ruby that the girl ignored me and was being rude while dating Das Squirrel. We learned that she too didn’t take the last name of her spouse. Wow. No wonder. Mom said he will never change, and that’s he’s using people, has a thick skin, and will do whatever it takes to survive.

On top of that, it’s because we’re not welcomed in their house. And ‘in return’, they are not welcomed in our house. Dad doesn’t want him around here anymore, and emphasized that he should stay home at his own house, and not use our house to hide. It’s truly sad and I cannot speak honestly or intervene wisely, without diverting others away from normal truth to ‘get real’ due to my inner frivolous spirit. Yup. Y’all will see that my eyebrows are knitted downward like an angry demon.

I do NOT belive that the designer lady, who proclaimed her gift of deliverance – it didn’t work, because Dad hasn’t changed his good opinions of Hillary and Obama; my potty mouth against Dad’s EVIL smelly frivolous behavior hasn’t changed; and my hostility against Mom’s constant criticism hasn’t changed. And so the energy is chaotic. I don’t think prayers are working.


Evil Kitty and Doubting Thomas, in league with FLYNN B.

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