M 3.8 – 8km ENE of Alum Rock, CA
2017-12-27 06:32:09 UTC 37.400°N 121.745°W 9.0 km depth

At 2232 PM, Mom and I felt two sudden jolts and its two loud thumps. I tried to submit a ‘did you feel it’ report twice to thrice but there doesn’t seem to be a confirmation page. So far there are 78 responses and those may be duplicates. Idiots.

This ‘earthquake’ occurred after Mom anoited Dad and then me. After Dad went upstairs to sleep off his bad cold and coughing, Mom and I prayed over each other. We then prayed for Junior with our palms towards him home, which is 0.5 miles away and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I mouthed the name of Yahuah and/or Yashuah, but still wasn’t sure how to pronouce or spell the name correctly.

I think the underground vector got pissed off and something got ‘detonated’. That’s what happened with a couple of earthquakes in and around the Alum Rock zone areas. Tonight’s sounds are loud and thumps.

In the last earthquake, it was smooth and wavey. In the earthquake prior to that one, it was shaking violently after a loud rumbling sound like a HUGE airplane taking off or a large choo-choo train traveling.

Mom crossed herself and said in Filipino, My God.

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