Watch “Trump-Hater Meghan Markle Spotted Screaming At Harry After Queen Puts ‘Brakes’ On Wedding” on YouTube

20171228-0008. Long live the queen! My mother complained to Ruby, the second oldest sister to the Twit Wifey, that it is NOT nice for the Twit Wifey or any wife to scream at Das Squirrel or to the husband. Once again that Blackamoor is divorced and the boy is single poof. The impression isn’t good. Forget the money and the title and be honest if y’all really want an ACTOR to fake everything. How do you do? Gracious me b She labeled Mister POTUS Trump unkindly and in public. If she can do that, she can snub the Queen. That’s VERY bad, misogynist indeed. Off with her head. Sad.

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