Dear diary,

Happy New Years! My parents and I stayed up until 0100 am. For one hour we learned how to do basic dance step via YouTube video tutorial. I was tempted to buy the $9.99 per month service so I can download my favorite videos. I wanted to try one free trial and this is for waltzing. So I replied to an email, sent a text message, and received a phone call – all this after I danced with Dad while we hugged each other. Mom sat down a bit, though.

So I’m up and it’s two o’clock in the morning! I’ve discovered something cool with my MacBook Air! After all these few months, I didn’t realize the versitility of the Hot Corners. I was playing around with my new home office!

That’s correct! Last Friday or three days ago, Mom wanted me to move the ZAAZ whole body vibrating machine from her sewing room. I told her aloud to pray to God, because the spiritual ‘internet connection’ for both Das Squirrel and her is faster than mine, and then for her to send me the inspiration images into my small mind.

Within a few hours, I received ‘images’. And with ease, I quietly worked by myself while my parents busied themselves at their slow snail pace and other loud activities. I got upset because Dad complained that his lower back was painful. I complained to Mom that Dad was making excuses NOT to help me prepare for New Year. Mom was upset and prayed under her breath.

So while I prayed and meditated, I also received the strength to vacuum and move heavy items: first the heavy wooden furniture, which can hold vinyl records, from the base of the stairway to Mom’s bedside, second the the exercising machine from the sewing room to the base of the stairway, and third Dad’s old wooden desk from his old master bedroom downstairs to the sewing room.

I measured the desk and the fit was perfect and next to my old wooden piano. Now I have two wooden pieces adjacent to each other – one for typing words and one for playing music! For the last part of the day, my parents dusted furniture. I crashed from my Nutrisystem diet regime around 1830 pm. Mom’s bedside table is now happy and wider to accomodate her CPAP and other junk.

For Saturday, I awoke at 0400 am and busied myself in tidying up my new home office. I scanned, archived, shredded and recycled paper products the whole day Saturday and did only a few more Sunday. I wasn’t interested in house chores and let my parents work by themselves while I assisted whenever they needed me.

But anyway, back to my discovery. I moved the set-up of my stuff. This time my big-ass Canon printer sits atop my white plastic three-drawer rolling cart. My FASTEST personal photo scanner now used as a daily receipt .pdf is on the ‘left’ side of this 52 inch desktop and is hiding the two external hard drives, of which I dropped one thrice. I resurrected my wide-ass LG screen for front and center, while my MacBook Air is on the ‘right’ side and hiding the vertical tower power cord strip in the back.

So I decided to ‘Use as Separate Display’ instead of ‘Mirror Built-In Display’. Voila! I now have my MacBook Air cycling whatever default images every minute while the dock is hidden, to give this area a sense of framing pictures while I work on my LG wide-ass screen, which now has three ‘Desktop’ views and two other applications! OMG!

How did I find out? I used the Hot Corners. Duh! I normally learn stuff by reverse engineering, which is merely searching online on how to use the damn hot corners. I didn’t know that the freaking mouse pointer has to go all the way INTO one of the four corners to activate the shit. So I’m testing which ones I like. I like Mission Control – that’s how I added more MAXMIMIZED screen for each application!

It’s almost three o’clock in the morning and I’m NOT really feeling sleepy yet. But I have to depressurize my brain and back.


Evil Kitty and FLYNN B.

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