Yeah, well, Happy full moon New Year!

So I see this dark blue image is different from the concentric sun image. We were watching a bunch of deliverance videos on YouTube and wondered how they’re able to cast out demons with ease and by the Holy Spirit, of course.

I’m still observing my dad’s eyeballs if it’s not scary, though he still verbally sides with Obama and Hillary. While driving, I’d keep praying hard, holding up ‘your’ crucifix image to him, who’d flick his tongue as does mom, who sits behind him, outta the corner of my right eyeball.

For example, today I saw outta the corner of my right eyeball the old man wipe down his mouth in silence because he wouldn’t stop ranting en route to noontime mass.

Also, tonight during mass since noontime mass was crowded, I prayed really hard from the ‘heart’ and made more in attendance wiggle and squirm in their pews.

The freakishly tall whitish guy with his rusty haired family had to take off his black leather jacket and almost collapsed in reverence. The place was freaking stuffy but more reverent than our local parish.


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