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20180102-0409. Yeah, I’m still awake. Well, y’all have the free will to choose between naughty and nice. I’m just wish and pray y’all behave. Remember: same red blood. Blessed with the Holy Spirit to clear the crystals and release the demons back into the comfort of their original homes.

I do have a power wand but the copper wire ‘all coiled up and hissing’ got detached. Per my OLD blog, it zapped a couple of toids driving in front of me near my old job site, and in a separate incident powered down a burning plant nearby the goddess shrine. But nowadays, thoughtful prayers work fine and dandy.

It’s all out there in the public. The pentagram palm, Saint Germaine, 33 degree masonic, Oprah Winfrey and her six digit, Nephilim toes. Avoid all New Age movement and all that is Luciferian of ‘love and light’ and of Shirley McClain who was trained (a rhyme which is mine)! Once again y’all are being duped with the buzz of ego and such.

P.S. I can’t figure out your accent, which sounds similar to Father Thomas. Really tall, whitish, gaunt dude, always looking skyward and flashing the virginal hand signal. Sigh.

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  1. 20180102-0454. P.S. That would make you at least eight years my senior. Yup. Bah!


  2. Accent? Wasn’t that a terrible MSG food thingy from back in the day?


  3. It’s 35% MSG, and is terrible. And about being younger. For your wisdom, the years give you more time to teach and love others. If you have good hearts stuffs, you gets good bodies stuffs. That way, you can be for what you love, without being a hag.

    Any year of age, if lived with wisdom, is a good year.


  4. By the way, how can I obtain a copy of your interview to review and/or transcribe later on for keepsake purposes and/or whatnots? I don’t wanna violate anyone’s copy righted stuff. (P.S. Thanks for ‘hearing’ my thoughts. Sheesh! Is there anything else you can NOT do so well?)


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