After a stopping point at the eighteen minutes mark of typing away, my parents and I did our usual three chaplets on the rosary almost every freaking day.

So, after that prayerful ritual was completed, I resumed my chicken notes or rough draft, which won’t be edited for exactness due to being impatient and lazy, as taken down via my Penna typewriter with Bluetooth feature:


[5355. Don Bradley welcome. 1975-76 entered it, spiritual experience Memphis Tennessee visiting relatives, evening, glancing, hand on shoulder, filled with love, everything went downhill. 12/12/1975. involved with top people, following summer, six months later moving among circles of philosophy social, meditation group for new age, Alice Bailey, six to seven groups from Rosicrucian. with top, with my mother, her mom, her mom, past on generation to generation to me, rather to my sister, learned early on to shut up about these things. 5145. lying on back field, floating things in skies. summer of 1976, running into people knew about him. said the right things, literature explained experiences all life. be part, develop. sure, why not. 5057. I met Christ and want to meet him again. we can show you the way again.

5040. Would you say psychic gift come under radar? they know everyone, they work in demonic realm. shadow walkers morn, noon, night. laugh kids pick up on this, they got it too. target sooner, the better. but not until after Christ. to lose coop with one side or the other.

4937. talk about what it doesn’t appear September 1979. only ever showed him love and light, hugs. only showed blue lodge degree mistaken third level. theological. 4858. far as let him go. 4852. to get to next step, renounce Christ. take oaths, bizarre name entities, Nephilim watchers that fell back into the days of Jerod. 200 watchers fells angels of seraphim class. fell on earth of mount Herod, mating with Canaanite women, made giants, Roman and Greece. myth and gods descended to earth, not aliens. just breaking ranks in angelic realm. more than seven days and become human.

4730. freemason degrees names of fallen angels. royal arch. given piece of names Samael freemasonry, and Abdallah Rosicrucian. room energy changes, goes dark just as it did. don’t want to say the names, everything connected energy, most listeners are aware. connected through sound, which is everything, frequency holds everything together. and if use names of fallen, damn, and usually creates response. and usually not a pleasant one.

4553. 30th degree acknowledges Lucifer. I got to the third and given all rights and degree, all in one year. read all through the material, condensed two decades into one year for me. they really wanted me. but currently, I was writing books, doing television, poster child, Shirley McClain 4501. groomed. they did. find my books in amazon.com. 4446. looked through everything, you must turn your back to Yahweh and Yeshua / Jesus, give obedience to Lucifer . philosophic, rose, co-masonic, masonic.

4420. i burned all my regalia in a lake and the scald the rings. what i couldn’t burn. 4349. few born with perfect five-point star on right hand. told but don’t know if it is true. each generation. the control over it is the issue. without understanding and overshadowing from Christ you have no control, they do. 4300. valuable person. surrounded by them arranged. 4236. scientologist follow him around, join us, introduce them to the ‘great master’, the one above Elrond.

4212. send beautiful women. opposite sex. most stunning girls, vestal virgins. sent you an unclean spirit, they would pick it up right away. use people to manipulate and not suspect. 4120. can’t believe giving out the stories online anyway.

4104. Aquarian education group, star mountain group, weavers of the light located in branch of united nation building. tried but overloaded. teachers told him not to get involved, waste energy.

4027. have him read rig Vedas and memorize until 17, Nagas, serpentine people. 3955. split from the one into the many. same darkness. different names. headquarters in Paris, France. after a certain plaque, all their rose is Egyptian, different cultures one winding road, all their creeds, philosophical. rainbow and heart meditation for eleven years, losing himself in that.

3907-3027. wasted first 20 years and last 20 years to get it back, can’t and won’t let him get it back, surveillance entire life. problems with orgone due to past associations back in 1998 out totally.

3843. my books were coming out of year 2000. great way through god showing him. masonic lodge in May 1994. try to heart attack him, and drag him into the hall and left him there. passed away. see himself leave the body. someone saw light and I was freezing. heart was exploding in my chest. if no one can have me, no one will.

3726. problem of people in the occult. can literally cost them their lives, not worth the risk. made a commitment to Christ before commitment to them. that was the difference. know born into this multi-generation. they can’t speak or they’re dead.

3646. priest of satanic church – do your work. no one would believe him. need to have someone believe in your life. i chose the alternative. decided won’t be a public figure for anyone. but anonymous in orgone. the gifts won’t go away. a struggle.

3535. protection from darkness use skillfully and egg them. met Don Croft met him before 9/11/2001, very few of them trying to awaken public of chemtrails. three years from 1997 and on from his books to chemtrails on radio shows.

3458. Bill Cooper died. David got through out of the country. tried to kill me a couple of times. met Don Croft likable, sweetness. my kids loved him. first human being no ounce of guile in him. can work with guy with streak of innocence. shows up, brought stuff to him, crystals all my life, pulled out pyramid. you’ve got something. life from the movie. wrapped wires and resins and catalytic action.

3333. the other design changing the energy structure of the room. stuck over refrigerator, ice column three to four-inch ice column from ice tray. realized, in the wrong hands. crystals loved by witches. attaches lower orders as demonic anchors. many times, throw out dirty orgone. how can you tell. golden rule – if there is something wrong, throw it out.

3213. ask Yeshua. holy frequently in your blood. life-force. not in organ or pineal gland. allow holy spirit enter you. you can cast these things aside and clean. but make sure. leave those in the cars, sent by so and so.

3112. hubris, salesmanship in orgone, satanically based orgonite. been hexed. drove him away within four years he was gone. no oversite. next thing is always great. there must be quality test. field testing. create the event, repeat the event. scientific method.

3019. power wand. two little wires come out. frequency modulation 3005. shatter glass one-mile radio. they did it. they gave it away. weapon. Rah, rah all wonderful. saw good, tried to make good blessed by Christ – watch whole community, all burned. all work is undone.

3000. live in area of California worst fires occurred. charred. i placed it there. and others. special mission. map of SoCal. town community. gridded whole SoCal. watch all brown smog disappear and brown tree leaves come back. fruit yields in orchard double. reservoir, rivers, streams – crystalline pure energy. 2743. Japanese guy microscope water structure. have to go and bless every glass of water.

2712. ice cube tray. still make spikey. 2655. deal with action reaction of article of freewill – follow the lord Christ, understand god’s way. great sadness. everyone is aware. we’re both. freewill the choice. right or stinker. be and live honest person. 2551. run into all of them, worst killers – everything is physical to me – they like what they are doing. they like it. responsible for all of that. if it comes through you and through medium. 2000 danger of judgment. 2445. Dad doesn’t interfere with man’s choice.

2433. fire from our house in 200 feet wall. turn and went the other way. try to burn us for two weeks. ask for protection and God will protect you. they get their blessings from their dark side.

2351. guys only in chains for 70 years and they are free roaming the earth. they have been for one hundred years.

2338. early years of Don Bradley involvement and departure with orgonite. (music background to break.) 2215. recent experiences with massive fires in California.

2144. dailymessenger.blogspot.com stopped on Christmas. agenda 21, keep away from clean air and water. 2110. disease of mistrust, racism, and ruin. not have to deal with 20 years ago. want to give hugs.

2049. aerosol spraying effort. Art Bell show. April 1995 on the internet since that long. understand how far back. earlier photograph for chemtrails. 1959 and onward chemtrails. James Bond, General Patton, Walter Matthau. 1934. all our lives. don’t know why. mid 1990s critical mass noticed.

1853. 1999. very redundant, live in the time of great evil. we know who does it. oligarchs, globalist, illuminati. not general terms in 1990s. now say globalist to anyone. with all this evil let loose comes with great truth.

1750. kids when in high school. one classes if anyone knows what chemtrails, everyone raises hands, five six years ago. more aware. make a choice of what we’re going to be. fires instantly on YouTube. explaining on their blog. one or two people. now millions in chemtrails campaign.

1643. omega squadron, dedicated chemtrail sprayer, on the tail. new for very short time of crash. 1600. live in a time 2002, made my video, first one, no YouTube two for four years away. struggle to get it out there. radio and other on internet. many YouTube videos on chemtrail aware news. one of clarity. geoengineering. 1458. not unless you understand. 1441. it’s biological, Nano technology, breath, food, makes them sick all the time. a biological weapon. 20,000 feet fine but when it comes down. 1400. chemtrail busters. 1350. realized what chemtrails were – pull out from skin and blood. biological. seen it with my own eyes, 15,000 feet spray campaign. moves to dessert dissipate, moves to ocean dissipate. they’ve been doing this since 1300. last thing you want to do is breathing it in. 1244. bad days to stay indoors. 1229. new reality, generation can’t fight back. waiting for the old to die off. 1210. deplorable state. most won’t do what I do. won’t do writing articles and help people understand systemically doing their destruction.

1139. what would WWII generation wouldn’t fight for this generation. well, not for this time. they all have the same answer. go to one VWF and you’ll hear an earful at the end of the night.

1058. increase in demonic possession and witchcraft. it’s going to be different 9/11, major satanic ritual. no longer cloaked under new age, but mainstream into video games, every game, all demonic, music all demonic. thousands and thousands of covens 1,000 hexing campaigns. 1,500 covens in Connecticut. lots of witches are deadly at it.

0930. psychic defends, spells in books 1990s not effective. never going to find a real grimoire . but start playing around with Easter eggs. it’s in everything. show an aptitude, they will happily bring you in. with me, they kept it all love and light, all global family. wrote in book, one world family, idiot writing in article in Atlantean Magazine. had answer for all of it.

0900. wrote America: 2001 and Beyond. publisher wouldn’t touch it. gave it away as audio books. 80% came true, now just a manual, not a warning.

0728. gang stalking. cast out demons. effective with holy spirit residing in you. watching lady sit in front seat of car, starting vomiting blood. whatever what was in her, exited. I’ve got it on his blog and post it in two weeks. very simple little thing. it’s the only thing that keeps them back off. the 0616, psycho terror troops stopped it. traumatizing, life changing experience.

0548 thanks for sharing sensitive information and courageous. listeners your website.


uwantsun@yahoo.com (a surfing name, not a sun worshiping).

I can tell between if someone needs help and someone who is wasting everyone’s time.

0453, thanks you Don Bradley. for having me. needing to be heard. lots of people with stories. Stay away from New Age. It’s all fake news. All of it. no matter how they fancy it up or pretty it up.

0409. thanks going to do it for today. Jeff Brady. 2018. (background music).]

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