M 4.5 – 3km ESE of Berkeley, CA
2018-01-04 10:39:37 UTC 37.861°N 122.242°W 13.0 km depth


My mom and I were lying in bed when we felt the strong earthquake. The movement was smooth and swaying back and forth – one, two, three, four. We could hear the creaking of the house during the movement. I tried to submit the damn form online twice but the reported number stopped at ’62’. You’d think that the government is high-tech. It’s NOT so! I keep getting a red number ‘503’ as an error message. WTF. Fix it! You’re wasting our taxpayer monies. Sheets.

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  1. 20180140-0313. Okay, I’ve re-submitted the online form for the third time.

    Questionnaire Complete Thank you for your contribution. Your information will be processed shortly.

    So I’ll go ahead and try to re-submit for the previous earthquake last month, too. Sheets.


    • OMG! I had a freaking difficult time trying to post a comment unto my blog entry! The WordPress app for Mac does NOT work! I have to use the Safari app for Mac to push the comment through the system. WTF? Fix this also! Sheets.


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