OMG! I’m like totally stoked to have copters buzzing directly over our neighborhood.

For the past one hour, whatever, I’ve been harvesting ‘calamansi’ (a Filipino word for miniature tangerine, which is freaking sour like a lemon).

So during that time the sunshine shone. Then towards the last fifteen minutes, I remembered the ‘Casting Out Demons’ prayer by DB, the surfer dude.

Of course, I’m not a genius as he is and don’t remember the exact words but I was able to whisper the name of Yeshua, Yehua (sp?), and ‘invoked’ (that’s the word that came to my small mine 1301) the Holy Spirit.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, I asked to drive away and send out the demonics back to Sheol, and to clear up and clean up my dirty chemtrail buster by Josh via DG of South Carolina.

I remember the part of thanking for abundance and blessings over the spells and hexes by witches.

So 1304 the sound of the light plane continues to make its presence. Also, yonder sylphs showed up during that time of prayer. I guess, as DB mentioned, surveillance doesn’t seem to go away. Of course, it’s only in my head per Mom and only far-fetched by Das Squirrel.

Oh, and Respondent living directly adjacent to us dragged the city’s garbage (dark green) and recycling (medium gray) bins roughly and loudly along the side alley way, during the first few minutes of harvesting miniature tangerines, the size of of a teaspoon. Bat sheet crazy, mentally ill bitch won’t stop.

Anyway, Dad and I will squeeze forth the calamansi juices for serving raw after each dinner, about four tablespoons.

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