Watch “#QAnon #AliceInWonderland Is #Area51 In The #SecretSpaceProgram w/ Michael Trimm Show” on YouTube

20180106-1107. Interesting stuff. Mom has been watching before I arose late from bed at 1000 am. I logged in 10:26 hours of sleep per my DreamStation.

1109. Oh sheets. Mom is reminiscent of her childhood. And she’s crying while I poop. In effect, what her new TAVR did is to prolong her suffering and mine, especially. So while medical technology is becoming more advanced, the damn humanz are kept prisoners in their bodies. Can y’all see where I’m going here?

Yeah, so this is what I meant by sharing stuff through FOIA. While the stories seem plausible, no one seems to care. No one has the time to believe. Humanz are too busy with their egos to explore.

As for the wormhole, I don’t. What I do know is that TELEPORTATION is very much a reality! I’ve mentioned that event to include four military government copters in and around my neighborhood in my now deleted OLD blogs.

20180106-1130. Addendum thoughts. It’s about perspective. If it feels evil, then it is. If you doubt it, keep exploring. If it’s here and now, it gotta be good.

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