So while Mom is still sewing close to midnight, I’ve finished practicing the waltzes for the old timers.

Earlier, I purchased my third sheet music, of which I’ve cropped for the choir members to sing along and in unison during the blessed event of the two old farts two months from now. I tried singing and playing the piano piece but I’m messing up.

So far I’ve got two piano piece and its lyrics practiced VERY well enough to do solo without having the choir members serving as backup singers (per as the suggestion ORIGINAL choir director via email the other day). I don’t know if it’s appropriate for the choir members to sing along.

But I’m forcing them, err, inviting them because it was my parents’ idea in the first place, NOT mine. That’s correct! I’ll be performing for the guest of nearly two hundred! And they will be put on the spotlight, or not.

Brouhaha! My egg headed ego is too HUGE! I’m thinking of having the guests sing along to make it proactive so they won’t fart, burp, and get bored. It’s the least we could do to FORCE them to enjoy at our expense. Never mind. I’m being evil.

Yup. So I still feel that the notations are still too low, since I’m more mezzo-soprano, although I’ve been stuck to try alto (which is more for urban or modern music) and/or tenor because there’s NOT enough coverages in that area. I can wing it if I FLIP my vocal cords in such a way as to make it sound like a loud choir boy-girl. I’m getting the hang of it via Clement’s teachings during his gig as choir conductor of our dwindling choir members.

And so tomorrow would be my second attempt at auditioning with Herr K. The gig is funded by the City of San Jose and the tuition fee is $125.00 per gig, with members committing to the selected songs, attending every practices, and auditioning and paying each semester. It’s hidden as ‘educational’, which would explain why humanz are still ‘practicing’ to be ‘perfect’. Sheesh.

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  1. Have you ever played this classical song?

    I have always loved this. Reminds me of when I was 10 or 11 and in the beginner/immediate band, and the high school concert band playing it.

    Our concert uniforms consisted of black straight skirts (for girls), and white button up blouses. And I remember wearing that and when the concert band playing this, I was skipping up and down the aisle to the music. Pretty sure this was the song, because I think of that when I hear it.


    • 20180109-0046. Umm, nope – I haven’t played that can-can, leg-kicking dancing music on piano ever! The song sounds like like another upbeat Nyan Cat tune and looks too fast and advanced for my fingers, since I can’t seem to stretch my hands comfortably for one octave. So I’m sticking to the ‘easy piano’ beat of waltzes. I guess our concert uniform will be the usual long black skirt with a jacket (for girls) or something like, since I got into my first ‘volunteer choir society’ yesterday night and their website is ‘Proudly powered by WordPress’. Sheesh.

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      • I sent it to my daughter and she’s going to attempt it, as she loves it as much as I do. She’s a piano, flute and guitar player too. I’m going to find one of her piano recordings and somehow get it on Youtube.

        This is what the original classical is supposed to sound like. Like real concert music, instead of Nyan Cat, even though I still love the Nyan Cat.


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