1. Official Presidential Approval Poll

How would you rate President Trump’s job performance?
Other, please specify: Mom said that Trump is doing VERY GOOD, which is NOT great but above good, and that he cares so much about the country and the people. Without Trump, there is no more America.

2. (Optional) Do you have any other thoughts to share with the President?

Evil Kitty wants to know why reptilianz need approval from humanz! Why not ask felinez and other ALIEN animalz what they think about being eaten alive and slaughtered as foodstuff? Huh? Let’s all share in catnip and roll peacfully around in ecstacy. Hiss.

(Don’t bother Evil Kitty as the catnip has affected its typing paws.)

Flynn would like to add the same thoughts. If this hellish planet can’t get any worse, then hell is just as good. Why are y’all still tolerating the Satanic pedophiles? Not just the domestic terrorists of America but the perpetrators abroad, say, like Bangkok, Thailand and pals?

And why are the press-stitues still allowed to ask questions during the WH briefings with Sara Hunckabee Sanders?

A blogger mentioned that good point – why not have bloggers anonymous or otherwise, mess up your damn narratives with the sold-out WH briefings and see if SHS can answer on the fly?

She’s really good with her answers and at countering the trolls. So why not ‘test’ this platform of LIVE questionings from the uncontrollable, brutal public? Good, good! Palpatine is pleased with this thought. Try it. Try it for once.

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