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1. Which of the following do you believe Congress should pass by the end of the year? Select all that apply.

Funding for the WALL – Like condoms, not abortion, y’all need a WALL! That’s like private property. Can y’all have a house and NOT have walls, windows, and doors? If not, we shall go homeless and sleep in hammock and rough it in the wilderness all over again.

The pro-American immigration reform — RAISE Act – I don’t know exactly what is so good about the US Constitution. But if y’all do NOT want to be shot dead for being an opposition in such Communists regimes, then y’all gotta be pro-American and NOT allow other oppositions to oppose those that opposed the Crown of the British corporation.

Pass bill to end funding for Sanctuary Cities and States – Yeah, well, if y’all can rehabilitate the criminals by removing their demonic oppressions, then that’s good. Otherwise, y’all are tolerating criminals, period. So stop funding these safe places. There is NO safe place while stuck on this hellish planet.

End chain migration – Yeah, well, I’ve been watch YouTube videos on deliverances of the oppressed through generational curses. One guy was having a difficult time commanding the demons to go away. So there are other humanz trying to deliver the victims. With respect to chain migration, y’all gotta stop them from infilitrating the human temples. Yup.

Obamacare REPEAL – I thought this is completed! If Obama really cared, there wouldn’t be cancer. But because of your lack of transparency and allowing biopharmaceuticals to test animalz and humanz and pocket the funds meant to heal or at least to discover CURES for symptoms and ailments, I think y’all keep lyin’ to us. So yeah, try to repeal false interventional treatments and get real.

Eliminate tax credits for illegal immigrants – No one gets credits for being illegal! Why are y’all awarding and rewarding criminals? That doesn’t make sense!

Pass infrastructure bill – Well, stuff needs to travel. So if y’all can ensure that the police does NOT shoot unwisely at any motorist and do NOT steal their cash and other personal belongings and properties while traveling, that would be nice. It’s not so much the bumpy roads or the delapidated bridges and such.

Funding for response to opioid crisis – Huh? Y’all are failing to stop the use of marijuana. Why can’t y’all stop all drugs? Or better yet fund R&D to have those medicines to CURE the addiction part of humanz. But I don’t think that’s gonna help, if the bad stuff makes humanz feel good. Why is everything in the reverse? Good luck.

More confirmations of the President’s federal judicial nominees – Okay, you can have your nominees. But do they all have to be Jews? Are there any non humanized thoughts among these nominees?

In summary, I believe y’all are gonna have to pass all of these demands.

2. Are there any other issues Congress should pass this year? Please specify below

I believe y’all should pass on-demanded items, such as stopping the dark web, stopping the Satanic pedophiles, blow up the uncooperative advanced ALIEN entities and their bases for messing up stuff, and if y’all gotta fund the military to do battle with these bad stuff to ‘clear the way for the Lord’, then y’all outta pass that stuff anon (sans ymously).

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