Our Spiritual World: Your Daily Messenger


20180115-2347. Yeah, umm, I can sense that your Dad truly loves you. I like that photo, though, tanned and really skinny looking, something that my Mom adamantly does NOT like for my Dad, who I guess he’s anxious about looking and dancing good at their upcoming party.

And the stuff about Nephilim, they seemed so alive once in their gigantic form, now buried. I kinda, sorta have pity on them for rebelling. I am still trying to read, digest, and understand your blog about John the Baptist, the Lamb of God and what happened so many eons ago. It must have been a terrible fate. Sheesh.

And so those dummies are still running about this place and that yonder. I’m praying that they just go away.

One comment

  1. 20180118-1843. I dunno but you and your Dad seem to know NOT only our thoughts, but what’s in our hearts. I see you’ve changed the first photo to the next numbered photo, AND spanning more to the right. And then the second photo of you ripping a ukulele. Can y’all gimme a spiritual tin foil hat so y’all don’t have to know everything, including my stuff? Sheesh!


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