Our Spiritual World: Crucifixion


20180116-0010. Delayed thoughts after viewing video a few days ago.

Yeah, umm, so during last night’s choir rehearsal from 1900-2200 every Monday, Maestro whoever, kinda said something about taking back whatever he said in his recent ‘notes’ sent via email on 1/12.

The guy is always smiling, humorous, and intelligent despite the goofs of these mostly ELDERLY humanz.

He shared his opinion about the music, including ‘Bach and numerology’. I believe I’m here to absorb more educational material. That’s why it’s a volunteer gig and we pay ‘tuition’ to learn hilarious stuff.

Anyway, I’m wondering if these Protestants, Lutherans, Episcopalians, whoever are gonna suffer the fate as the Nephilims. (No need to click Like or otherwise). Because it’s not so much that they deny the ‘cult of the cross’, but they seem prefer the concept of hope and resurrection and that in the end there won’t be an earth, but just a heaven. Sheesh.

Yeah so that’s how crucifixion has been done either near the entrance to humiliate others into submission and – Oh yeah, the skull hill – that’s gotta be an old graveyard site of the Fallen Nephilim and Jesus was crucified atop the skull of one! Ooo!

End thoughts.

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