20180116-0023. Oh yeah, yesterday, I was halfway finished with the video when I had to pause and do whatever else. But for the most part, the blackish guy is so freaking intelligence. I believe we are really stuck inside this here domed structure. And any attempt to pollute the inside with radiation or some sort of nuclear fallout wouldn’t be nice. That’s just like fish inhaling their poop. But with the correct environmental adjustments, living would be peachy.

Oh, and that recent Hawaii fake news of an emergency text message via smartphones, El Rushbeau said that humanz on those islands won’t survive the strike because they’d be vaporized. I wonder why we even bother frightening each other with a big bad joke. There wasn’t a bomb sounding alarm, which I mentioned in my old blog as triggered in downtown San Jose, CA. It was freaking slow, steady, and loud. Yup, that sucker did sound during my lifetime.

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